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VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset


With the VTech learn & discover gorgeous party Playset, you may experiment and have fun. This engaging set comes with cups, sugary goodies to share with friends, and a pitcher of make-believe lemonade. To see the pitcher and tray light up and learn about colors, forms, things, and more, place the playset parts on the tray.

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Imaginative play is encouraged and interactive reactions are provided by the toddler kitchen set; arrange the pieces where they should go to observe them react. There are 70 tunes, melodies, sounds, and phrases in the toddler pretend playset; Cakes and cookies are used as a baby learning tool to teach shapes and colors.

With a pitcher of make-believe lemonade, cups, and tasty sweets to share with friends, you can play and explore. To see the pitcher and tray light up, sort the form pieces and place them on the musical tray. The tray introduces colors, shapes, and other concepts while providing jovial, engaging replies and encouraging imaginative play. As your youngster pretends to pour the lemonade into the vibrant glasses, observe how it moves.

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Weight 1.61 lbs
Dimensions 12.4 × 10.04 × 6.89 in


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