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VTech Click and Count Remote (Frustration Free Packaging), Black


With the Click & Count Remote from VTech, select a channel and educate yourself. With a TV remote control toy that resembles your parents’, your child may have imaginative fun while learning about numbers, colors, and shapes. With this toy, your youngster may engage in enjoyable role-playing while surfing through 9 stations, including fake news and weather. Control buttons for volume and channels help children learn about opposites. The sing-along songs, enjoyable melodies, and sound effects on the music button and roller ball captivate your child’s interest. Additionally, well-known expressions like “Breaking News” provide a playful real-world experience for enjoyable imitative play.

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With this remote control that resembles both mum and dad’s, kids may have fun imitating their parents. Learn about colors, shapes, and numbers. For fun role-playing, watch the news and weather on nine different networks. Controls for volume and channel convey opposing ideas. The sing-along songs, melodies, and sound effects on the music button and roller ball draw people in.

Sing-alongs and Enjoyable Music
plays more than 45 phrases, sound effects, and sing-along songs.

Dial Up Education
Introduce colors, numbers, and shapes with these ten vibrant buttons. Watch the buttons that light up while the music plays.

Animated Keyboards
To find out about opposites, change the channel or adjust the volume. To discover more about forms, click the record and playback button.

Features for parents
has a volume control and automated shut-off for quieter play.

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Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 2.95 × 6.69 × 1.38 in


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