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Ultimate Guard Sidewinder 80+ Monocolor Green


Modular design to combine with a variety of Ultimate Guard products, such as the: Superhive 550 , Smarthive 400 , and Omnihive 100 Easy access

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Our convenient Sidewinder deck case provides easy access to your deck from both sides. The Sidewinder Monocolor comes in 2 different sizes: 80 , and 100 . The Sidewinder 80 is optimized to hold 80 double-sleeved or 100 single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard sleeves. While the Sidewinder 100 is optimiazed to hold 100 double-sleeved or 120 single sleeved standard size cards in Ultimate Guard sleeves. The vibrant and elegant monochromatic scheme allows you to show your colors from the inside out. With its modular design, the Sidewinder is the perfect companion for the Superhive 550 , Smarthive 400 , and Omnihive 1000 . Protect your cards with style!

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Dimensions 4.33 × 3.39 × 3.35 in


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