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PartyHooman 1st Birthday Photo Banner for Baby from Newborn to 12 Months, First Birthday Decorations for Boys Monthly Milestones Garland | First Birthday Photo Banner Pre-strung with Frame (Blue)


NO MORE PARTY PHOTOS THAT ARE FALLING – Our banner has photo insertion frames to make getting ready quick and easy! To display the lovely banner with the cutest images to your friends and family, simply slide the 4R photo (4″x6″) into the frame. (Others provide glue to affix)
ALL THE CARDS, INCLUDING “NEWBORN,” ARE INCLUDED. Many vendors, it was observed, neglected to include the “NEWBORN” card to their monthly banners, leaving you without enough time to make a return and compelled to use the banner inadvertently. Our first photo banner includes every baby milestone from birth to 12 months, up to the age of 1.

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We created this photo banner just for you since we know that organizing and preparing for your child’s first birthday party might feel overwhelming. Other vendors provide you a plastic needle and ribbon, but they also want you to spend an additional 10–20 minutes stringing it through the tiny eyelets on the banner cards after you’ve added the photographs.
not ours though! To save you time, we took on the job of pre-stringing this in our warehouse.

Preparing the monthly photo banner has never been simpler thanks to our innovative slide-in frames; no glue is required.
No more party photos that are falling during them! seen the unfavorable reviews left by customers who purchased the glue version from other retailers.

Prepare 13 lovely pictures of your beloved child, ranging in age from newborn to twelve months, open the PartyHooman photo banner package, insert the picture into the appropriate month, and hang the banner in the selected location. It’s that easy!

When you compare the ‘T’ on the other banner and ours, you’ll note that their ‘T’ is on the edge of the letter below it, making it brittle and prone to tearing easily. Our design team has corrected all the letter design difficulties that the other picture banners on the market currently have.

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Weight 4.7 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.5 × 0.6 in