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MerryMakers Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Hand Puppet, 14.5-Inch


The coolest and most well-liked cat in town is Pete the Cat! Pete is unquestionably the coolest cat around with 200 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in total. Pete’s favorite shirt’s buttons keep coming off! With the Pete the Cat Hand Puppet, you and Pete can maintain your composure even when circumstances aren’t favorable. Ages 2 and above, but suitable for all ages. height is 14.5 inches. merely a surface wash.

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Pete the Cat Doll

Pete the Cat is a favorite with children, teachers, parents, and grandparents because of his vivid colors, upbeat outlook, and chill and laid-back demeanor. Every Pete the Cat enthusiast will love the Pete the Cat doll as a buddy.

Teachers and librarians who utilize the Pete the Cat doll as a tool to engage with young readers are largely responsible for Pete the Cat’s success. The doll can be used in the same way by parents and grandparents at home to involve children in the story. And kids will play with the animated and enjoyable Pete the Cat doll all day long.

James Dean

James Dean, an artist living in Georgia, came up with Pete the Cat after adopting a cat from a nearby shelter. James’s imagination was stimulated by the cat’s unique nature, and when he began painting Pete blue, it sent him down a path of unrestrained creativity.


Pete the Cat’s World

With more than 15 million copies in circulation, Pete the Cat’s universe is expanding at a rapid rate. Pete’s positive outlook in any circumstance, even when things don’t exactly go his way, is one thing that never changes. Whatever the case, everything is cool!

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Weight 2.39 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 14 in


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