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Little Live Pets – Lil’ Bird & Bird Cage: Polly Pearl, New Light Up Wings with 20 + Sounds, and Reacts to Touch


A PRETTY BIRD CAGE TO DISPLAY: The bird cage may be positioned on a stand and comes with an interior perch where your little bird can swing. LILI’ BIRD RECORDS & REPEATS WHAT YOU SAY: Lil’ Bird can record your voice and play it back in a cheerful, upbeat tone.

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Little Live Pets – You’ll never meet a sweeter bird than a Lil’ Bird! As you pet and engage with these wonderful little birds, their stunning light-up wings and huge, beautiful eyes, they come to life in your hands. When you touch them, they truly react! Your little bird will become happier the more you pet her. They’ll continue to chirp and twitter until they finally whistle for you! Little Birds enjoy chatting and repeating your words! Say your message by pressing the Lil’ Bird’s talk button on its chest. What you say will be repeated by your Little Bird! With over 20 different bird noises to sing, these vibrant toy birds will brighten your day!

You, Lil’ Bird, have wonderful light-up wings this season! This tiny bird resides in a charming bird cage. The Bird Cage can hang from its hook or sit on its stand. Little Birds enjoy living and playing in the bird cage. On its wings and faces, each Lil’ Bird has decorations and features that are related to a particular theme. Gather them together to create your own magnificent flock!

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Weight 9.8 lbs
Dimensions 5.01 × 7.3 × 10.33 in