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LEGO Technic Monster Jam Megalodon 42134 Model Building Kit; A 2-in-1 Build for Kids Who Love Monster Truck Toys; Kids Will Love Racing This Cool Shark Vehicle; for Ages 7+ (260 Pieces)


With the help of this LEGO® TechnicTM MegalodonTM (42134) pull-back truck building set for children aged 7 and up, create an exact duplicate of a Monster JamTM fan favorite. This vehicle is filled with features for kids to discover, with designs and colors that are true to life. Playtime is lively because to the pull-back motion as kids race their trucks and pull off fantastic stunts. The lifelike shark teeth and big tires give further realism for hours of enjoyment, while the fins move as the monster truck toy moves forward.


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This 2-in-1 toy truck can be rebuilt into a lusca Low Racer vehicle when it’s time for a new challenge. This low rider automobile toy, which is based on the legendary sea monster, combines a shark and a squid to create a terrifying machine with pull-back action for frantic play.

inspiring the next generation of engineers
For young LEGO fans interested in engineering and mechanics, LEGO Technic buildable models of automobiles provide an entertaining introduction.

Kids will enjoy constructing and racing this LEGO® Technic® Monster JamTM MegalodonTM 42134 toy truck. This 2-in-1 toy provides hours of deep play with its pull-back action.
Play that is interactive Before performing fantastic monster truck tricks, use the pull-back option to accelerate the vehicle.
2-in-1 toy – Children can convert their truck into a lusca Low Racer low rider automobile toy, which was modeled after another fabled sea monster, to extend the enjoyment.
Ideal for children 7 and up – For young monster truck aficionados, this is a terrific introduction to construction and engineering. makes a wonderful birthday present for lovers of Monster JamTM.
A powerful model The buildable MegalodonTM truck is over 5 inches (13 cm) high, 9 inches (24 cm) long, and 5 inches (13 cm) broad, making it ideal for imaginative play.
Authentic information This LEGO® TechnicTM toy version of the Monster JamTM MegalodonTM has fins that move when the vehicle moves along, just like the real-life MegalodonTM.
Stickers are provided. The Monster Jam Megalodon shark truck’s spectacular appearance can be recreated by children by adding sticker designs.

Motivate upcoming engineers – For LEGO aficionados who are ready for their next building challenge, the LEGO® TechnicTM world provides complex building sets.
High-quality materials: LEGO® TechnicTM parts adhere to high industry standards, so you can be confident they are constant, interchangeable, and consistently join securely.
Always safe – LEGO® TechnicTM parts are rigorously tested to ensure that they adhere to high international safety standards.

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