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LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR 42123 Toy Car Model Building Kit; Build and Display an Authentic McLaren Supercar, New 2021 (830 Pieces)


Are you looking for the ideal present for a kid or teenager who adores supercar toys? This LEGO® TechnicTM McLaren Senna GTRTM (42123) is a fantastic option, and McLaren lovers in adulthood will adore it too! This collector model toy, which is inspired by the original track-focused supercar icon, is jam-packed with real features that will have your heart racing.

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There is no other vehicle like the McLaren Senna GTR. Also noteworthy is this fantastic LEGO Technic toy version. Check out the V8 engine with rotating pistons, the recognizable dihedral doors that open, the real-looking visuals and colors, and more. Use the wheel to steer, then place the model on display where it will undoubtedly receive many admiring looks.

enlarge the scope of engineering
With its realistic movement and systems, LEGO Technic sets offer an approachable and realistic way to introduce LEGO builders to the world of engineering.

The LEGO® TechnicTM McLaren Senna GTRTM 42123 model building kit is a spectacular construct for supercar enthusiasts and is crammed with accurate details taken from the classic original.
Check out the intricate V8 engine with moving pistons and the dihedral doors that open ‘up and out’ in the distinctive style of the genuine McLaren as examples of this toy model’s authentic characteristics.
Use the top wheel to enjoy controlling the McLaren toy vehicle.
Looking for the greatest presents for a supercar or motorsports enthusiast?
For children ages 10 and up who want to construct and exhibit their own McLaren race vehicle, this set is a terrific option.
Any child or adult with a love of supercars, motorsport, and McLaren will be captivated by this excellent track-focused supercar toy model that looks amazing on display.
More than 3 inches (9 cm) tall, 12 inches (32 cm) long, and 4 inches (12 cm) wide, this model is.
Like the genuine supercar, this iconic McLaren toy car has vibrant patterns and colors.
For LEGO aficionados who are ready for their next construction challenge, the LEGO® TechnicTM world provides sophisticated building devices.
Since 1958, LEGO® TechnicTM parts have been consistent, interchangeable, and easy to connect because to their strict adherence to industry standards.
To ensure they adhere to high international safety requirements, LEGO® TechnicTM components are dropped, burned, crushed, twisted, and tested.

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Weight 7.1 lbs
Dimensions 15.04 × 10.32 × 2.78 in


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