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LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach Starter Course 71403 Building Toy Set; Toy Playset for Kids Aged 6 and up (354 Pieces)


This Adventures with Peach Starter Course is a great way to introduce kids to the interactive LEGO® Super MarioTM universe (71403). It has a LEGO® PeachTM figurine that responds expressively and quickly through an LCD screen and audio. To earn extra coins for teamwork, LEGO Peach can be Bluetooth-connected with LEGO® Mario or LEGO® Luigi (additional figurines not supplied).


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Have fun completing gifting tasks and using the Lava Bubble to knock Lemmy from a tower. For letting LEGO Peach use the swing set and for interacting with the Yellow Toad, you can earn virtual cash. Rewards are also offered by the Flying Block. When LEGO Peach “eats” the red fruit in this toy playhouse, it causes happy reactions and nets her more cash. Additionally, the Yellow Toad or any interactive figure can receive it as a gift (not included). In the LEGO Super Mario app, look for construction steps.

Unrestricted imagination
Fans may expand, repair, and make their own levels using collectible LEGO Super Mario Starter Sets and Expansion Sets.

Together, the LEGO® PeachTM figure and LEGO® LuigiTM or LEGO® MarioTM (additional figures not included) can connect through Bluetooth for two-player social play.
Start your Peach adventures now. With this Starter Course (71403) featuring LEGO® PeachTM Interactive, give fans of Super MarioTM another opportunity to enter the LEGO® Super MarioTM universe. Peach LEGO® figurine – consists of a color sensor, an LCD screen that can show different instant responses to movement, and a speaker that plays music and sounds from video games.
This toy playset includes a Start Pipe, Goal Pole, swing set, a Lava Bubble-launching challenge, a Flying? Block, and Lemmy and Yellow Toad figures for digital coin-collecting play.
Fun with fruit LEGO® PeachTM responds well to the red fruit, which can be given to Yellow Yoshi or another interactive figure (not included). You can “eat” the fruit to win virtual cash.
Rebuild and combine: This 354-piece, modular LEGO® building set may be disassembled and used with other LEGO® Super MarioTM sets. For imaginative children aged 6 and up, it is a wonderful birthday or holiday present.

Digital instructions – The LEGO® Super MarioTM app’s companion provides building instructions, creative suggestions, and more. Visit for a list of compatible Android and iOS devices.
Create original levels for collectibles. For hours of coin-collecting enjoyment, LEGO® Super MarioTM toy construction kits provide enthusiasts countless opportunities to extend, remodel, and create original levels.
Quality control – Since 1958, LEGO® bricks and parts have been interoperable and easy to connect thanks to their strict industry standards compliance.
Safety first: To ensure that they meet strict global safety requirements, LEGO® components are tested in practically every way possible.

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