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LEGO Speed Champions 007 Aston Martin DB5 76911 Toy Building Set; James Bond Model for Kids and Car Fans, Boys, Girls, Aged 8+ (298 Pieces)


Children aged 8 , auto enthusiasts, and James BondTM aficionados of all ages have the ability to acquire, build, and explore one of the most well-known sports vehicles thanks to the LEGO® Speed Champions 007 Aston Martin DB5 (76911) construction kit. This accurate LEGO reproduction, which is ideal for high-speed play and display, perfectly depicts the grace and classic finesse of the renowned 1964 British sports automobile.

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A fantastic addition to the collection of Speed Champions!
This collectable Aston Martin DB5 sports car model also includes a No Time To Die-James Bond minifigure, four additional sets of license plates from various James Bond films, and molded silver-colored wire wheel rim inserts.

honoring inventiveness in engineering
Miniatures of the most famous and advanced automobiles in the world are included in LEGO Speed Champions building sets. The high-quality models, which are well-liked by both children and adults, are fantastic for displays or for thrilling races against other cars from the Speed Champions line.

Learn about the LEGO® Speed Champions 007 Aston Martin DB5 (76911) toy recreation of the renowned 1964 sports automobile.
What is inside the box? – The No Time To Die-James BondTM minifigure with a toy wrench, together with everything else you’ll need to construct a LEGO® recreation of the 007 Aston Martin DB5.
a playset and display model made of collectibles – Build your own Aston Martin DB5, brag about it to your friends, and compete against other Speed Championsrange automobiles in exciting races and car chases.
A present for any event – Children aged 8 and above, automotive aficionados, and James BondTM fans can get this 298-piece LEGO® Speed Champions 007 Aston Martin DB5 model as a gift for their birthday or any other occasion.
Dimensions: The 007 Aston Martin DB5 model has a height of over 2 inches (5 cm), a length of 6.5 inches (17 cm), and a width of 2.5 inches (7.5 cm).
No need for batteries – Your creativity fuels this collectible LEGO® Speed Champions 007 Aston Martin DB5.
Interactive building instructions are included. With the LEGO® Builder app, which is available for smartphones and tablets, you can zoom, rotate, and see models from all sides.
LEGO® Speed Champions toy building kits allow kids and adults the ability to explore some of the most iconic vehicles in the world as a way to celebrate revolutionary vehicle innovation.
Focusing on quality, LEGO® parts are consistent, compatible, and enjoyable to use in construction projects because they adhere to high industry standards.

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