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LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine 21166 Zombie Cave Battle Playset with Minecraft Action Figures and a Toy Spider, New 2021 (248 Pieces)


MINKEL® Minecraft Kids assist the main character in the game as they mine, build, and explore in The “Abandoned” Mine (21166) while attempting to withstand frequent attacks from a variety of deadly monsters.


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Children accompany Steve as he digs for coal, iron, and diamonds while being attacked by a terrifying zombie, a spooky spider, and live slime. To bring the high-level gravel tumbling down on the dangerous critters, players must first use a hand-operated gadget to entice them to the cave entrance.

LEGO brick-building playsets can bring Minecraft to life!
Are you looking for the ideal Christmas or birthday gift for a Minecraft fan? Kids can enjoy all the fun of the online game and more with LEGO Minecraft playsets.

MINKEL® Minecraft Kids may help the main character of the game mine, build, and explore while under attack from a variety of aggressive monsters in The “Abandoned” Mine (21166), which brings traditional Minecraft action to life in the real world.
Contains a cast of monsters and characters from the video game MinecraftTM, including Steve, a zombie, a spider, and live slime. The set also features a falling gravel feature and pieces made of coal, iron, and diamonds.
While enticing the zombie, spider, and living slime to the cave entrance where youngsters can use a hand-operated device to hurl high-level rocks falling down on them, players must assist Steve in mining for necessary minerals.
A great birthday or holiday present for children ages 7 and older who wish to expand on their MinecraftTM adventures.
With dimensions of nearly 5″ (14cm) high, 7″ (19cm) broad, and 4″ (12cm) deep, this adaptable LEGO® MinecraftTM playset is made to encourage unlimited imaginative play. The set is very simple to combine with other LEGO Minecraft accessories.
No batteries are necessary. The excitement never stops with this LEGO® MinecraftTM set because it is powered by children’s imaginations. Children’s problem-solving, creativity, and dexterity will all increase thanks to the hands-on activities.
Kids may enjoy themselves to the fullest by building and playing straight away with the unique characters, entertaining features, and well-known MinecraftTM places thanks to clear, printed directions.
All the online excitement of Minecraft is brought to life in the real world with LEGO® MinecraftTM construction sets. The play experience for children is expanded by LEGO Minecraft kits’ high-quality, realistic-looking models.

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