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LEGO Friends Forest Waterfall 41677 Building Kit; Includes a Squirrel Toy; Ideal Gift for Kids Who Love Nature Toys; New 2021 (93 Pieces)


With the LEGO® Pals Forest Waterfall (41677) playset, young outdoor enthusiasts can bring their love of the great outdoors indoors where they may imagine going on adventures with their friends.

There is adventure everywhere.

This woodland toy has a gorgeous waterfall scene and the LEGO Friends Andrea and Olivia for role-playing games. It also has cool elements like a marshmallow on a stick and a campfire to encourage imaginative, free-form storytelling. Children will enjoy pretending to be an explorer who finds the hidden jewel behind the toy waterfall. This playset’s small size allows it to be left out and ready for anytime nature play.

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A friend-filled world

The LEGO Friends line of playthings is brimming with adorable creatures and realistic details to inspire imaginative play. Introduce popular Heartlake City toys to young builders so they can meet others who share their interests there.

Looking for a unique LEGO® Friends present for a child who appreciates nature? The Forest Waterfall (41677) is the ideal gift for kids who enjoy going on outdoor adventures with their pals.

includes mini-dolls of the LEGO® Friends Andrea and Olivia, a scooter, a campfire, a marshmallow on a stick, a bridge over a river, and a waterfall in the woods.

Kids can use the scooter to explore the lovely forest, feed the toy squirrel a chestnut in its pine tree home, look through the binoculars to observe wildlife, or go behind the waterfall to find a treasure.

a wonderful present for children who love the outdoors and are at least five years old. This set enables children to bring their love of the great outdoors inside, making it the ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, or when inclement weather prevents outdoor play.

This woodland set is the ideal size to have out on display for play at any time, measuring over 2 in. (7 cm) high, 6 in. (16 cm) broad, and 2 in. (7 cm) deep.

comes with a cascade element that is hinged to allow for simple access to the waterfall toy’s back.

Heartlake City toys enable kids learn the idea of friendship while getting lost in many hours of imaginative play thanks to their familiar characters and common surroundings.

This setup is ideal for kids who adore adventure toys, along with LEGO® Friends Forest House (41679), Forest Camper Van and Sailboat (41681), and Forest Horseback Riding Center (41683).

Popular LEGO® toys are interoperable and consistently link and separate thanks to strict industry standards that have been in place since 1958.

To ensure they adhere to strict international safety requirements, new LEGO® toys are put through extensive testing.

Falls in the Forest

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