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LEGO DOTS Message Board 41951 DIY Craft Decoration Kit; Adaptable Toy with Colorful Tiles for Kids Aged 6 and up (531 Pieces)


Do you want an arts and crafts set that stands out? Check out the kit for the LEGO® DOTS Message Board (41951)! The set, designed to foster children’s artistic creativity, gives DIY enthusiasts aged 6 and up the ability to design and display messages that may be customized to fit their mood, hobbies, or room decor.

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This set includes two 16×16-inch plates, frame and hanger components, as well as a variety of colorful and funky tiles, including curved 2×2 tiles that let kids create various font styles. The ability to customize their boards with text, artwork, or both allows children to express their creativity to the fullest.

free self-expression
As they construct and personalize the sets, DOTS kits expose children to the fun of LEGO play and creativity. The magic and control are in a child’s imagination, so this kit, like all the other DOTS kits (available separately), goes with everything. The kit is a wonderful holiday present and is packed with imaginative options that enthusiasts of arts and crafts will adore.

Display of individuality – With this LEGO® DOTS Message Board (41951) kit, satisfy the need for self-expression of an enthusiast of artistic crafts. When they open the tray, the creative fun begins.
Kids can use the Lots of DOTS – Lettering tiles (41950) to customize their message boards or any other LEGO® sets (available separately) and hone their creative skills while showcasing a message or design.
Innovation is waiting – With two 16×16 plates, hanger components, and more than 500 tiles in various colors and forms, this set encourages children to express themselves through play.
Ages 6 and up: fun arts and crafts present – This set will appeal to children and DIY enthusiasts who wish to express themselves creatively. The set makes a delightful holiday present for children who enjoy making crafts.
Customizable message board – The DIY message board is over 10.5 inches (27 cm) broad and 5 inches (12 cm) deep, providing children with plenty of space to express themselves or make amusing creations.
Young designers: what will they say? – A pamphlet with plenty of ideas for unique designs in vibrant tiles is included with the kit to encourage kids’ creativity as they express their uniqueness.

This LEGO® DOTS set depicts unrestricted innovation and design flexibility. Through play, the board and tiles encourage children to develop their creativity, originality, and composure.
Unrestricted self-expression and play: LEGO® DOTS kits allow children to create and customize their own craft jewelry, wearables, and home décor items, introducing them to the joy of LEGO play to a new group of children.
Exceptional quality Since 1958, LEGO® parts have complied with strict industry standards to guarantee that they connect consistently.
Safety first: to ensure they adhere to strict international safety requirements, LEGO® components are dropped, burned, crushed, twisted, and tested.

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Weight 14.9 lbs
Dimensions 11.02 × 8.86 × 1.97 in


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