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LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck 60253, Cool Building Set for Kids (200 Pieces)


With this entertaining LEGO® City Ice-Cream Truck (60253) playset, kids can become everyday heroes. Kids get to save the day by giving overheated residents of LEGO City refreshing ice cream cones and popsicles! There is also plenty of room inside the truck for the ice-cream lady to work and drive, as well as a skateboarding customer with an adorable puppy. a fantastic children’s building set The LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck toy comes with building instructions. The LEGO Life app for smartphones and tablets also includes Instructions PLUS, which you can get by going online. With its incredible zoom and rotation viewing tools, this interactive building guide transforms novice LEGO builders into experts in no time. Children’s toys LEGO City Great Vehicles Children may get a close-up look at their preferred land, air, and sea machines and vehicles with LEGO City Great Vehicles playsets. These realistic construction toys encourage imaginative play that, in a fun and engaging way, replicates real life.

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Do you know a kid that adores going to ice cream parlors? With this LEGO® City Ice-Cream Truck building kit toy, kids can have sunny, summertime fun. It is intended to encourage imaginative, independent role-play based on daily life.
Kids’ building set including an ice cream truck in a variety of vibrant colors, minifigures of an ice cream lady and a skateboarder, and a dog figure. Ideal for independent, imaginative play.
Children can assist the ice cream lady as she operates the truck, serve ice cream cones and popsicles from the serving hatch, and assist the skateboarder as they pull off some neat stunts. This vibrant ice-cream truck makes a wonderful display item.
For children ages 5 and older and for boys and girls who enjoy toy vehicles, the LEGO® City Ice-Cream Truck (60253) toy makes a wonderful Christmas, birthday, or any other day gift. simply needs fundamental building knowledge.
The ice cream truck is over 4″ (11 cm) high, 5″ (15 cm) long, and 2″ (6 cm) wide when assembled. The ice-cream lady has plenty of room to drive the truck and serve customers.
This awesome LEGO® City Ice-Cream Truck setup doesn’t require batteries because tiny children’s imaginative play powers it. Play may begin straight away.
With this building set, construction really is child’s play. A paper building manual and Instructions PLUS, an interactive building manual for children, are included. accessible in the free LEGO® Life mobile app.
Toys like the LEGO® City Great Vehicles encourage imaginative play, help kids develop their motor skills, and boost their self-esteem. Kids get to explore a variety of vehicles and design imaginative play scenarios that excitingly and fun mimic real-life situations.
The highest industry standards are met by LEGO® building sets to guarantee that LEGO City playsets are consistent and compatible and that all LEGO pieces always connect and separate without difficulty.
The LEGO Group rigorously tests all of its LEGO® components to guarantee that every toy playset satisfies the highest international standards for safety and quality.

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Weight 11.7 lbs
Dimensions 10.32 × 7.52 × 2.4 in


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