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LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket (Frustration Free Packaging), Pink


While having a pretend picnic with the forms and sharing a picnic basket, children may learn about colors, shapes, politeness, and more. Lift the lid to reveal 15 play pieces, including bright plates, forks, drinks, and food, as well as uplifting messages. The interactive shape sorter on the lid can identify the individual food bits and identify their form and color. Press the butterfly button to hear sweet learning songs and polite food requests. Put the right food in the basket to receive positive feedback that promotes etiquette. Learn how to have a picnic with the LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Pink Picnic Basket.

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Sorting Basket for Shape
Each one will be distinguished if a food shape piece is inserted into the appropriate hole in the picnic basket’s top. Take the fun everywhere by packing all of the playthings inside the picnic basket.

Butterfly Button
Press the amiable butterfly to hear requests for songs and snacks. For gratifying results, drop the appropriate food piece into the shape sorter.

Three Play & Learn Settings
Discover a variety of thrilling activities spread over three play styles. Explore shapes and colors, listen to music, and have a makeshift picnic.

Picnic Buddy
Play with the polite picnic basket while it teaches and demonstrates etiquette by using the phrases please and thank you, among other things.

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