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LeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone, Black


It’s Scout on the phone; pick it up! On this vibrant toy smart phone, you may have conversations about counting, listen to songs about proper phone etiquette, and hear voicemails. Learn more about Scout’s day by watching his adorable movies. Emoticons from social networking platforms can be used to respond to his videos. Two additional games are available for further fun while traveling. Calling a friend can be fun on the LeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone!

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With this role-play smartphone designed specifically for toddlers, you can have amusing chats with Scout and get fictitious calls and voicemails.

By hitting the light-up number buttons, you may explore and count the numbers 0 to 10 with fun animations.

Press the video button to see adorable videos of Scout, then use the emoji keyboard to add sound effects, much like on famous social networking platforms.

By clicking the music button, you can hear a melody or two songs about counting and phone etiquette.

There are games that ask you to match numbers on the screen with buttons on the game board in order to estimate what the objects are. Ages 18 months to 5 years; requires 3 AAA batteries (only new batteries are advised for regular use; demo batteries are included).


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Weight 5.8 lbs
Dimensions 2.8 × 1.1 × 5.8 in