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Hasbro Gaming Simon Handheld Electronic Memory Game With Lights and Sounds for Kids Ages 8 and Up


Prepare yourself for action-packed gameplay with lights and sounds that present challenges at every turn. Players must repeat the color pattern by pushing the colored buttons on the game unit in the proper order in order to win the Simon game. The game moves along quite steadily at first, but as you play more turns, the patterns grow more intricate and the suspense increases. When all the lights flash at once, you receive 10 points in addition to 1 point for each time the green light flashes. As players challenge friends or attempt to surpass their own high score in solitary play, the Simon game unit assists in keeping track of the top score.

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THE PATTERNS SHOULD BE REPEATED: It’s an interesting electronic game with lights and sounds. By pressing the colored pads in the right order, players can make random light flashes happen again.

SUSPENSE BUILDS: The game begins out at a good steady pace, but as it progresses, the light portions become increasingly challenging.

SIMON GAMEPLAY AT ITS BEST: Pay attention, retain, and repeat. The fascinating challenge of replicating the patterns and progressing to higher levels in the electronic handheld Simon game is presented.

PLAY ALONE: You can play the Simon game alone or with pals. Try to achieve a new high score by finishing the longest sequence without making any mistakes.

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