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Gabby’s Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse with 15 Pieces Including Toy Figures, Furniture, Accessories and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up


With Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse, you may create a dollhouse world of your own! This excellent kids’ dollhouse, which is over 2 feet tall, has a Dollhouse Delivery tower, a working Cat-A-Vator, sounds, and many other interesting features. You may start having fun right out of the box thanks to the inclusion of a 3.5-inch Gabby Girl collectible figure, a Pandy Paws figurine, furniture for each room, three accessories, and two dollhouse deliveries. Drop a package in the tower like in the program, then press the button to get it out to reveal a surprise accessory inside! To hear songs, sounds, and lines from the show, open the dollhouse and click the button on the front!

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15 Piece Dollhouse with Sounds and Phrases for Gabby
With Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse, you can bring the fantasy of DreamWorks Gabby’s Dollhouse to life! It resembles the dollhouse from the NETFLIX original series exactly and is nearly 2 feet tall. Eight pieces of furniture, three accessories, two dollhouse deliveries, plus Gabby and Pandy Paws figures are all included! Drop a package into the tower to find a special accessory inside! Utilize the functional Cat-A-Vator to travel up and down while exploring the 4 floors and 7 unique chambers! You can unwind on the couch in the music room, enjoy breakfast or dinner at the kitchen table, play on the slide, and so much more.

Much to Discover!
The ideal location for your adventures is Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse, which stands over 2 feet tall. Explore the 4 floors and 7 different rooms after pressing the button on the front for the 8 display noises and words! The functional Cat-A-Vator, flipping the roof back to play in the attic, dropping a Dollhouse Delivery in the tower and pressing the button to retrieve it, and much more!

15 Animated Playthings
You can play immediately out of the box thanks to the included Gabby and Pandy Paws figures, 8 pieces of furniture, 3 entertaining accessories, and 2 dollhouse deliveries. Hang out on the sofa, go down the slide, get a bright surprise in the bathroom, switch the top of the table from breakfast to dinner, and more! Additionally, each dollhouse delivery comes with two surprises that you may use in your play about storytelling.

Utilizes Deluxe Rooms
Create your own Gabby’s Dollhouse setting! Inside there is space for MerCat’s Primp and Pamper Bathroom, Bakey with Cakey Kitchen, and Pillow Cat’s Sweet Dreams Bedroom (each sold separately). To provide new play areas, simply slide each room into the walls of the dollhouse! Additionally, you may play with any of the other Gabby’s Dollhouse figurines and playsets inside (available separately)!

Unlock a Special Bonus
To access a special prize in the free Gabby’s Dollhouse App (available for iOS and Android), simply scan the QR code inside one of the Dollhouse Deliveries. Additionally, there are games, little surprises to open, dollhouse room exploration, adorable cat encounters, and much more in the app.

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Weight 7.04 lbs
Dimensions 5.38 × 22.13 × 17 in


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