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Gabby’s Dollhouse, 8-inch Gabby Girl Doll, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up


With the brand-new Gabby Girl doll, hang out with Gabby from Gabby’s Dollhouse! This 8-inch doll, which depicts Gabby in lifelike detail from head to toe, is quite lifelike. The show’s iconic look worn by Gabby Girl includes sneakers, pants with a cat patch, a fabric blouse, and her trademark cat ears headband. Even her silky, curly hair may be styled, and her cat ears headband is detachable. This kids doll is the ideal playmate to act out your own thrilling narratives at home thanks to her authentic appearance. Use your imagination to recreate your favorite show sequences by posing Gabby’s arms and legs. For children and show aficionados, the Gabby Girl doll is a wonderful present. Join Gabby, your new best friend, on countless adventures with the Gabby Girl doll from Gabby’s Dollhouse!

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Gabby’s Dollhouse by DreamWorks
8-inch Poseable Gabby Girl Doll
Come on countless adventures with Gabby from DreamWorks’ Gabby’s Dollhouse! This 8-inch Gabby Girl doll, which has poseable limbs and legs and true-to-show details, resembles the character from the NETFLIX original series. The outfit that Gabby Girl is sporting includes sneakers, a fabric top, jeans with a cat patch, and her trademark headband with cat ears! Play out your own intriguing storylines with Gabby Girl by your side after removing her headband and styling her softly curled hair. For fans of the program, Gabby Girl is a must-have and the ideal playmate. With the Gabby Girl doll, you can relive your favorite moments from Gabby’s Dollhouse!

Genuine Character Information
Gabby Girl resembles the television character from head to toe exactly! With her fabric hoodie, cute kitty patch on her trousers, sneakers, and cat ears, this 8-inch Gabby Girl doll is dressed for adventure with you!

Soft-Haired Poseable Doll
Gabby Girl comes to life because to her realistic detailing, timeless dress, and curly hair. Her hair is very pleasant to style because it is so silky! As you act out your own plots, pose her arms and legs. Reenact your preferred show moments with Gabby by your side!

Headband with Detachable Cat Ears
A pinch to the right, a pinch to the left! A headband that can be removed and is shaped like the magical one that Gabby Girl wears in the program is included with the product. Put the headband on your doll, then conjure up countless adventures in your thoughts!

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