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FlashingBlinkyLights Pink Super Star Princess LED Light Up Magic Wand for Kids


FUN FEATURES: Wand is 15″ Long with Red, White & Blue LEDs and a Crystal Ball Base Projects Light in Kaleidoscope Patterns EASY TO USE: Simply Press a Button to Switch Between Light Functions

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The Light Up Pink Super Star Princess Wands can make anybody feel like the princess they deserve to be. A perfect item for fairy princess themed birthdays, as a gift for the young and young-at-heart alike, and so much fun for your entire family. Bring out the Princess Party Girl in you today. Dimensions: Length = 15 in. Width = 4.5 in. at the widest part of the star. LEDs: 4 White, 4 Red, 3 Blue. Activate by pressing button on the handle, once for each light function. LED Functions: Fast Rotating Flash, Faster Rotating Flash, Super Fast Rotating Flash, Fast Regular Flash. Note: LEDs are not pink, just the item itself. Batteries: Includes 4 AG13 Batteries.

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