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Fisher-Price Medical Kit, 7-Piece Pretend Play Set , White


Preschoolers can put on their white coats and jump right into the excitement of playing doctors with the Fisher-Price Medical Kit. Mini-MDs can use the stethoscope to “listen” to their patient’s heartbeat, the thermometer to “check” their temperature (push the button to change from “sick” to “well”), the otoscope to look inside their ears, and the blood pressure cuff to see the gauge spin. And say goodbye to making up injuries with the plastic bandage cuff. With the toy syringe, even getting an injection is entertaining.

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Preschoolers will have a blast practicing their doctor skills with the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, which comes with everything they need to examine their friends, family, stuffed animals, and dogs. Activities include checking blood pressure, taking a temperature (press the thermometer button to go from “sick” to “well”), looking inside the ears, and “listening” to a heartbeat. They might even be a little more eager for their upcoming appointment with the pediatrician!

Playing out the experience of visiting the doctor can help preschoolers comprehend how doctors keep them healthy so they can keep playing while also helping them develop healthy imaginations.

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