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Chrome Burgundy Balloons 10 Inch Double-Layered Metallic Wine Red Ballons Latex 50PCS Burgundy Balloons for Parties Decoration Wedding Supplies Graduation Decor Baby Shower Decorations


These latex balloons come in a pack of 50, and each one contains two balloons: a chrome metallic balloon on the inside and a thicker latex balloon on the outside. They are perfect for giving any entertaining event a little more fun.

These burgundy party balloons are constructed with materials of the highest caliber. It is not poisonous and is difficult to pop. Around children, they are safe to use and play with.

Please take note of the color after inflation as our balloon is double-layered and will be the same color as the image.

Please be careful not to overfill balloons, use overheated inflators, or expose them to the sun for an extended period of time as they are more prone to popping.

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Chrome Burgundy Balloons

Play games like balloon tennis, protect your balloon, balloon waddle races, balloon and spoon races, pass the balloon, and balloon painting with our vibrant, long-lasting balloons. You can play these games inside or outside. It will be a lot of fun to toss, kick, roll on, or even pop! You will have enough balloons to amuse all of your guests because each of our balloons is manually checked for holes.

10 inch Burgundy Balloons

metallic balloons in wine red

balloons in burgundy for a birthday celebration

For usage in elementary schools, colleges, universities, medical facilities, religious institutions, government buildings, as well as for commercial use, promotions, or advertising, these balloons are DURABLE, thick, but EASY to blow up and tie off.

2 layers

Metallic wine red balloons in burgundy for theme parties supply

There are two layers in each balloon.

One package contains 50 double-layer balloons.

Thick Metallic Theme Party Decoration

Two-layered, sturdy, and substantial

Natural and without smell.

Long-lasting and durable.

Shiny balloons for a fun party environment

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Weight 7.8 lbs