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Blue Balloons 84 pcs Light Blue Balloons Garland Arch Kit 5 inch +12 inch +18 inch Pastel Blue Balloons Happy Birthday Balloons Baby Shower Decorations Wedding Balloons


The blue balloon garland comes with 84 pastel blue balloons, including 30 light blue 5 inch balloons, 50 light blue 12 inch balloons, 4 light blue 18 inch balloons, 1 roll of 16.5 feet of balloon strip tape, and 1 roll of 100 balloon adhesive.

Baby blue balloons that are thicker and have fewer pops and holes are manufactured of high-quality latex, making them safe and non-toxic party balloons that stand out well during the entire event.

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GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Blue balloon arches are ideal for weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, and other events. Your amazing and unforgettable celebration will shine with the help of these baby blue balloon garlands.

ARRANGEMENT OF BLUE BALLOONS IS SIMPLE: Baby blue balloons are simple to size-appropriately fill with helium or air. Pull knots made of 12 inch balloons into the holes in the balloon strip tape, fill up the spaces with balloon dots made of 5 inch balloons, and then add 18 inch balloons to form a wonderful blue balloon garland shape. It was simple to create a lovely DIY party balloon garland arch!

Customer service guarantee: When you purchase these helium pastel blue balloons, if you are dissatisfied with the party balloons or if a balloon is damaged, you can contact us at any time to receive a 100% refund of the balloons or a brand-new set of light blue balloons for the party. This ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the outcome of your party.

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