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Barbie Fashionistas Doll, Long Wavy Brunette Hair, Headband, Orange Floral Print Dress with Ruffle Details & Heels, Toy for Kids 3 to 8 Years Old


Barbie and Ken Fashionistas promote open-ended dreams and real-world storytelling with their fashion dolls, which celebrate diversity! The dolls are made to reflect the world that kids experience today and have a wide range of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and textures, body types, and trends. They also stand out thanks to their attention-grabbing clothing and vibrant personalities. Use the reusable vinyl container to fill, carry, and personalize a doll, or to keep Barbie clothes and accessories. You can also decorate it and use it as a means of expression. Children can assemble Barbie dolls and accessories for countless ways to act out tales, express their individual styles, and learn that fashion is enjoyable for everyone. include a Barbie Fashionistas doll decked out in clothes and accessories.

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Barbie Fashionistas dolls provide countless opportunities to act out stories, exhibit one’s personal style, and enjoy dressing up, featuring recyclable vinyl packaging that can be filled, carried, and customized! Each doll is sold separately, depending on stock.

Each Fashionistas doll has a unique body type, hair color and style, skin tone, eye color, and outfit that reflects their individual sense of style in order to reflect the world that children see today.

Explore trendsetting designs and make exciting fashion statements with attractive fabrics, like check, floral, or fruit print patterns, and contemporary pieces, such dangling earrings or funky sunglasses. The clothing and accessories cover all fashion categories.

Hairstyles come in a variety of hues, lengths, cuts, and textures; imaginative appearances like side buns and purple hair encourage role-playing and storytelling!

With reusable packaging, the enjoyment and utility may be increased! It can be used by kids to carry and store their beloved Barbie dolls, outfits, and accessories!

Children may have fun with fashion while dreaming everything they can become by acting out scenarios with Barbie that range from the commonplace to the fantastic and carrying those stories about in amusing recyclable vinyl packaging.

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