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Barbie Doll, Cutie Reveal Deer Plush, Snowflake Sparkle Doll with 10 Surprises, Pet, Color Change and Accessories, Toys and Gifts for Kids


The cutest unwrapping experience is provided by the Barbie Cutie Reveal Snowflake Sparkle Series dolls, which also include a posable Barbie doll. When the box is opened, a plush, squishy deer companion with golden foil antlers and four surprise bags are inside. When the deer outfit is taken off, a Barbie doll with long pink hair and glittery accents is revealed. The beautiful skirt, deer antler headband, sponge comb, and miniature pet deer are all inside the surprise parcels. Barbie doll may be dressed and accessorized by children. The costume top can be worn backwards to transform into a luxuriously soft fleece jacket, and the costume head can be used as a pet bed.  The surprises keep coming with charming color-changing effects. Barbie doll’s face is painted with wintery “snowflake shine,” and her pet deer makes adorable “open and close” eye movements. Simply activate with a sponge comb and ice-cold water, then rinse with warm water. With this Barbie Cutie Reveal series inspired by winter, discover all the adorable secrets. includes a doll dressed as an animal and ten surprises.


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The sweetest unpacking experience is provided by Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls, which contain ten surprises. Open to discover a soft, fluffy animal that transforms into a posable Barbie doll with entertaining accessories.

Unbox to discover a polar bear with iridescent sparkles, a husky dog with tinsel fur, a snow owl with shimmering wings, and a deer with golden antlers! An cute little pet that matches is also supplied.

What Barbie doll is dressed as the plush animal? A posable Barbie doll with long, vibrant hair and twinkle-shine accents is revealed when the costume head is lifted.

Kids will find a cute skirt, pair of winter boots, sponge comb, animal-ear headband, and the matching miniature pet inside the 4 surprise packages!

Flip the costume top over to reveal a super-soft fleece jacket with a sweet fashion pattern, revealing Barbie doll in style. Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls can really pose because they can bend at the knees, hips, and elbows.

Use extremely cold water to “open and close” the little pet’s eyes and to reveal Barbie doll’s face covered in winter sparkle face paint for a color-changing surprise. Refresh with warm water. Repeat a number of times!

The miniature pet companion can nestle up in the costume head, which transforms into an incredibly plush bed. A real cutie!

Kids will want to uncover and collect every doll in the Barbie Cutie Reveal Snowflake Sparkle collection because there is just so much charm in one tiny package!

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