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20-Piece Story Time Finger Puppets Set – Cloth Velvet Puppets – 14 Animals and 6 People Family Members


FUN FOR EVERYONE: 20 finger puppets are included in the set, which is enough for two individuals to wear one on each finger. Finger puppets for toddlers and adults.

AWESOME DESIGN: Children can have pleasure while playing with 14 animal and 6 human finger puppets. They are adorable and light-weight. They make wonderful little gifts or Easter egg surprises. Pig, horse, monkey, mouse, tiger, panda, dog, blue hippo, pink elephant, rabbit, duck, frog, cow, and white bear are some of the creatures that are represented. Father, mother, son, daughter, grandfather, and grandma are examples of people.

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Play out stories with our puppets, from the common to the fantastic, and take those tales with you everywhere you go. Your kids will enjoy all the characters and enjoy envisioning what they could become.

Through interactive games, songs, stories, questions, and other activities, puppets support children’s emotional development by igniting their imaginations, teaching them about their emotions, and assisting them in coping with life’s ups and downs.

Using experiences like happiness (laughing), sadness (crying), rage (shaking fists), and empathy, finger puppets can help children learn about emotions. One puppet would say, “I’m sorry you feel horrible,” while another might say, “I’m sorry you have hurt feelings.”

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Weight 0.352 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 6.1 × 3.8 in


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