Cyberskin Transformer Penis Extension
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6/Jul Cyberskin Transformer Penis Extension

Transforming an ordinary penis into a super penis is easy now thanks to CyberSkin transformer penis extension. It not only optimizes the sexual experience but also makes the cyber skin feel like real skin.

According to some women, the feeling is so real that it is hard to tell where the penis ends and the skin extension begins. The virtual touch is so realistic that veins and tips help boost pleasure.

Penis extensions extend the penis for more pleasure during penetration and help in engaging several rounds of sex without any tiredness.

Obviously any woman partner will be delighted to have a tool in possession that is robust in length and girth and can drive them to new levels of ecstasy.

The penis extension transforms the penis by adding inches. It offers a great opportunity for men who are concerned over a small penis by increasing the length and girth.

The extender sex toy will make her cum hard and will inject more spice into your love life.

So, surprise the woman in your life with a penis extender. Buying penis extensions online can help those with smaller sized penises to penetrate your wife’s vaginal walls.

Use the penis extender to tantalize your wife and let her immerse in a longer penis for hotter stimulation . There is a wide array of extenders to choose from — jelly, and vibrating penis extenders just to name a few.

Benefit of CyberSkin penis extension

While a longer, thicker penis can satisfy the partner immensely, many wives prefer a longer, thicker penis. To achieve fruitful sex, a cyberskin penis can add length to the penis without any modifications to the body. The 3 inch extension offered by latex cyberskin texture is life-like and works like a thick condom.

Getting Ready for Action

The penis extension can be inserted by rolling up the sleeve to make it spread with 3 inch extension at the penis’ head. But care must be taken to ensure that that the penis is sealed with no air inside to allow for the vacuum to create exceptional suction for maintained intercourse.

Many women have admitted that penis extensions have made them feel like having a new man – as it elevates her sexual bliss. Many admit the extension has provides a realistic experience – as if an 8 inch penis was filling them with profound orgasm. Many wives who were initially skeptical of the penis extension have expressed desire for love making with the new sex-toy to make their love-making more enjoyable.

According to a testimonial by an actual user, he used the penis extension on his wife for one night as an experiment. The new sexual pleasure led his wife to insist on more frequent use. He said his wife used to grab his buttocks and pulled him hard into her vagina. Now she no longer pulls him in to penetrate her insides more deeply.

Ladies Seeking Gamma Males

The cyber skin’s most innovated design comes from a vented tip that displaces air for easy insertion. That was not the case with inferior penis extensions of the past.

Meanwhile a survey classified penis of men into three types. Beta males have penis size of less than 5 inches and gamma males – carrying penis with a size of 5 – 8 inches.

Alpha males have penis measuring 9 inches or more. According to a study, 95 percent of the women are seeking gamma males of 8 inch penis. But penis enlargement can help anyone reach the magical 8 inches. A long penis exerts better friction on the G-spot with better strokes which is not the case with a tiny penis that is less than 6 inches. It usually fails to rub the G-spot consistently during the intercourse. When the G-spot misses stimulation, orgasm fails. The study also says that a penis measuring between 7 to 8 inches is best for G-spot excitation to trigger vaginal orgasm.

Width of penis plays an important role in good intercourse. A vagina’s walls are lined with nerve endings. When the penis of a gamma male stretches the vagina, these nerve endings become flat with more surface and expose the sensitive nerves. To conclude, CyberSkin penis extension is an exceptional sex aid to help men with smaller penises.

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