Sex Toy Demand
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1/Jun Sex Toy Demand

Soaring demand of sex toys is an offshoot of the awareness that the best sexual pleasure is linked with quality sex toys.

Sex Toy Stores

The bulging market of sex toys has the best retailers at the top as they render trust and deliver quality products.

In other words, the market place is over flowing with the best, latest and trendy sex products with a fair market share enjoyed by online sex toy store — Jezebel’s Playground.

Sex Toys

There is a mighty market shaping up for sex toys with 85 percent of Americans considering sex toys as the best adult products. Sex toys have kicked out lingerie and porn from the competition. This was revealed in a survey by adult product retailer Adam & Eve.

Sex toys are now mainstream with men and women of all ages finding bliss in its power to end the dull sex life and achieve orgasmic, satisfying sex and copulation pleasures. Couples like sex toys for injecting more spice to the multiple pleasures without seeking extramarital partners for better sexual pleasure. Sex toys escalate sexual pleasure and make the enjoyment with spouse heavenly with new innovation and experimentation to make things steamier in the bedroom. As a result, the online market for sex toys is flourishing. The range is mind boggling–vibrators, strap-on and anal toys and what not. There is a great choice in adding more kick to love-making to spruce up the dull sex life of couples.

Sex Toy Shop

Customers experience both ease and assurance in buying sex toys from online sex toy shops. They not only assure optimal pleasure but also offer warranty to the products as at Jezebel’s Playground.

Some people are great sex toys collectors. They can experiment with partners to suit their taste. Thus, vibrators come customized for various occasions – optimizing sexual thrill. To plunge into depths of BDSM pleasure, they choose excellent BDSM-inspired toys. To enjoy bondage, innovative toys are available. Veteran couples often choose the most sophisticated BDSM toys.

At Jezebel’s Playground sex toys are sold with assured quality. They are remarkably waterproof and can be used in shower and bath tubs.

Celebrity Craze for Sex Toys

There are celebrities who do not hide their love for sex toys. Eva Longoria, who starred in Desperate Housewives is ecstatic about the pleasures of masturbating with a vibrator.

“I didn’t begin enjoying sex until I started masturbating. Before that, I really wasn’t sexual. I bought my first vibrator three years ago. It’s a shame I didn’t discover it sooner,” she said in an interview.

Carrie Fisher is another actress who acknowledged how she was able to discover new frontiers of erotic pleasure after receiving a vibrator from her mom.

Spending big money on sex toys is a fad for many start couples as in Beyonce and Jay-Z. They enjoy costly sex toys and made news after spending more than $6,000 at Babeland sex toy shop in Manhattan.

Best Sex Toys

Jezebel’s Playground products excite any sex lover thanks to the vast collection of kinky sex toys.

There are many high demand toys. Couple’s Enhancer Ring is a favorite of couples which slides around the penis and offers fantastic erection and helps in hitting the clitoris with the best thrust and excitement.

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator is another tool that stimulates clitoris and G-Spot spontaneously.

The Iris is loved by women looking for faster orgasm given that a lady takes more time to achieve orgasm. It is great for a quickie and satisfies both partners when the vibrator hits the clitoris vigorously even as the partner is thrusting joyously.

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